Teacher Briefing Information

Please make sure that you have read all the information in the Teacher Briefing download and you have communicated the expectations and procedures to all teachers, parents and students involved. Make sure that each group leader has a map of the exhibits. This will be emailed to your school.

There are many displays and activities in the Expo Paddock. Some will only take a few minutes to investigate while others will take longer. As most of you only have 2 hours in here we suggest that you use the time wisely. Check out the websites on the Teacher Resources download page before your visit to give children some insight into what they might see.

Teacher Resources for E Week

There is a list of links to websites to download. If your school has any great activities or resources you would like to share please email them to the Executive Officer.

South East Water has fabulous resources for teachers and students on their website. They can no longer attend E Week due to staff cutbacks but there website is great This is a great follow up to our wetlands and water cycle activities.

Check out Cool Australia too as they have many resources on Sustainability and the Environment.

See the attached lists of resources which may be helpful for pre and post excursion activities